The Dream Stranger

Normally when you meet a stranger,
You just see and forget her,
You don’t give it a second thought,
But what when you ought to….

I saw her on Monday,
Nobody spoke but it made my day,
Our eyes just met once,
But it never felt like once…..

She had worn the typical business attire,
But she was filled with fire,
She was reading a book,
I started drawing her in my notebook….

Eyes like pearls,hair like a flowing symphony
Body handcrafted in God’s company,
For a moment she felt perfect,
But then it can’t be correct….

She smiled and the time froze,
But for me it never unfroze,
I felt like its unreal,
It was so surreal….

Her station came and she got down,
Then my mood went down,
But as the tube started moving,
She looked back and started smiling….

Her smile made me smile,
Which went on for a mile,
But in my heart I never stopped,
Now Whenever I close my eyes I see her around….

I never saw her again,
But she is always in my brain,
Whenever I feel bit down or sad,
I remember her and she makes me glad….


The Fighter

In life people go through a lot,
Some things are memorable and some are not,
Difficulties break some and also make some,
But they couldn’t break this one….

She was very sweet and honest,
At the same time she wasn’t a priest,
She was very beautiful and polite,
She was very intelligent and bright….

She was just as normal as anybody else,
But then she was diagnosed with something drastic,
And it made her different from everybody else,
It didn’t make her exactly ecstatic….

That disease grasped her very tight,
Slowly and steadily it stated sucking out her life,
It eroded her stamina very quickly,
But not her will to fight even slightly….

It’s very easy to succumb under pressure,
But to give up was not in her nature,
She fought with it like a true warrior,
Which is a dream of every soldier….

She decided to fight with it alone,
And so cutting herself off web,friends and phone,
Ultimately it became very difficult for her friends to keep in touch,
Because they didn’t knew something happened as such….

Months later she came out of her shell,
Bruised and bleeding but ready to jell,
On the way she lost some friends,
But also met some gems….

Fighting alone sometimes is very necessary,
Just to tel yourself that you are not ordinary,
She could do this because she had the spirit,
Meaning don’t just breathe life but live it….