All my life I thought I would meet that someone,
Who will make us feel like one,
The one whose been gifted to you,
The one who makes you, you….

You are the word crazy redefined,
I hope you don’t mind,
You are beauty personified,
This definitely you won’t mind….

You are the change I needed,
You are the new dimension added,
You are the diamond in the ring,
I hope that will bring you in my wing….

You are a bundle of joy,
So you shouldn’t be treated as a toy,
I am ready to be your sepoy,
All I want is to be your boy….

You are my aim and ambition,
For whom I am ready to make any transition,
You are the good better and best in one package,
I can beat anyone because of you, that’s my advantage….

You are the center of my existence,
You are the prize of my patience,
You are the missing piece of my life,
That’s why I want you to be my wife….


The Woman

Very rarely you meet someone who is a perfect,
Who is without any defect,
Whom you love for the person she is,
And you want her to become your missus….

She is the one you long for,
She is the one to die for,
She is not ideal by any means,
But she is worth having by all means….

She is the backbone of a man’s life,
Whom we call his wife,
When a guy gets married his friends say that’s it mate,
But after meeting her he realizes he is fortunate…

She is of course beautiful and funny,
Almost too good for her honey,
She is all lively and fun-loving,
She is also kind and stunning…..

She is strong and fair,
Irrespective she still cares,
She is short-tempered,
But she is never annoyed….

She is amazing in all respects,
Though he feels she can improve in some aspects,
But he feels she makes him a complete man,
And so he fondly calls her ‘The Woman’


It’s said that smile has magical power,
It can make happiness last longer,
It can make grudges go away,
It brings positivity right away….

Smile can bring a person alive,
Gives a person a reason to live,
Smile brings with it peace of mind,
Which gives you relaxation of every kind….

Smile is about giving someone joy,
Like a girl smiling at a boy,
She has given the boy a reason to be happy,
That joy would then be passed on to make others happy….

Some people have a million dollar smile,
Most people have a normal smile,
But both have the same effect on people,
Which means its priceless for people….

Some people smile’s is comforting in nature,
It’s because those people are mature,
They know this would make others stronger,
And at the end of the day somewhat better….

All we want is our loved one’s to smile,
So that they walk that extra mile,
Because that’s what’s it’s all about,
Otherwise there will be happiness drought….

I would say to my loved one’s,
Keep smiling and never stop for once,
No matter I’m with or without you,
It will always make me happy watching a smiling you…..


There comes a time in everyone’s life,
When we are forced to think what is life?
What is it made of or what it means to us,
And why answering those questions are important to us….

Why figuring out things is difficult,
Why every movie is not a cult,
Why we don’t get things which we thought,
Why we always get things we didn’t sought….

Different people perceive life differently,
For some its about owning a Bently,
For some its about having a peace of mind,
Out of the two what have you got lined….

My teacher once told me life is very simple,
It’s about how you define ample,
The perception of life should always be divine,
Because then life is better than the oldest wine….

Life is finding happiness in little fights,
Life is finding a light in the darkest night,
Life is putting a smile on the face,
Without caring about caste,creed and race….

Life is about making things better,
Life is about the minor things that matter,
Life is about looking at the bright side,
Life is about revealing things that we hide….

Life was always about human connections,
It was always about how deeply we felt the emotions,
Yes love,hate,revenge etc are all part of it,
Yes these are the lessons God thought you should know everything related to it….

Love you Sister…

Yesterday I was talking to my friend,
About our sisters and the discussion wouldn’t end,
Then I started thinking why is it so,
But for that I need an espresso….

Sisters are a gift from God,
To all the brothers who are notoriously odd,
Because she is not only our friend in need,
But also our guide indeed….

She is the one with whom we fight on trivial things,
Things and situations which have no logical meanings,
We like to play,bully,tease and torture her,
Because its hell lot of fun with her….

When we do something wrong she saves us from parents,
But won’t help a bit when it comes to friends,
She is the one who lends us money,
Which we need to spend on our honey….

We can mess with her as much as we want,
But If someone says anything to her then he has to bear our brunt,
We can’t see a tear in her eye,
Because for her we are ready to die….

I wrote this as a tribute to my sister,
Who is now with her life partner,
Though she is not around me,
But I know She’s always with me….

Love You Sis……

The Fighter

In life people go through a lot,
Some things are memorable and some are not,
Difficulties break some and also make some,
But they couldn’t break this one….

She was very sweet and honest,
At the same time she wasn’t a priest,
She was very beautiful and polite,
She was very intelligent and bright….

She was just as normal as anybody else,
But then she was diagnosed with something drastic,
And it made her different from everybody else,
It didn’t make her exactly ecstatic….

That disease grasped her very tight,
Slowly and steadily it stated sucking out her life,
It eroded her stamina very quickly,
But not her will to fight even slightly….

It’s very easy to succumb under pressure,
But to give up was not in her nature,
She fought with it like a true warrior,
Which is a dream of every soldier….

She decided to fight with it alone,
And so cutting herself off web,friends and phone,
Ultimately it became very difficult for her friends to keep in touch,
Because they didn’t knew something happened as such….

Months later she came out of her shell,
Bruised and bleeding but ready to jell,
On the way she lost some friends,
But also met some gems….

Fighting alone sometimes is very necessary,
Just to tel yourself that you are not ordinary,
She could do this because she had the spirit,
Meaning don’t just breathe life but live it….

A Ride to Remember

I was quietly sitting in the bus,
Listening to Eminem and reading Sum of all Fears,
Then suddenly I saw a girl,
Who was far away from normal….

She had beautiful set of eyes,
Probably next to Aishwarya Rai’s,
Her eyes had a shade of both black and brown,
It was as gorgeous as the dawn…

The bus was not too crowded,
My thoughts weren’t concentrated,
I couldn’t get my eyes off her eyes,
It was like plain truth after a chapter of lies….

I couldn’t read more than two pages of my book in a two-hour journey,
It was like a sweet musical harmony,
She was chatting with her friends,
Every time she smiled her eyes shined like stars….

Her eyes put my mind to peace,
Made me think that world is still nice,
Her eyes made me realize,
What is more important money or memories…..

I can say she made my day,
For which I now pray everyday,
Her eyes made me smile,
Which in today’s world is like crossing river Nile….