All my life I thought I would meet that someone,
Who will make us feel like one,
The one whose been gifted to you,
The one who makes you, you….

You are the word crazy redefined,
I hope you don’t mind,
You are beauty personified,
This definitely you won’t mind….

You are the change I needed,
You are the new dimension added,
You are the diamond in the ring,
I hope that will bring you in my wing….

You are a bundle of joy,
So you shouldn’t be treated as a toy,
I am ready to be your sepoy,
All I want is to be your boy….

You are my aim and ambition,
For whom I am ready to make any transition,
You are the good better and best in one package,
I can beat anyone because of you, that’s my advantage….

You are the center of my existence,
You are the prize of my patience,
You are the missing piece of my life,
That’s why I want you to be my wife….

The Woman

Very rarely you meet someone who is a perfect,
Who is without any defect,
Whom you love for the person she is,
And you want her to become your missus….

She is the one you long for,
She is the one to die for,
She is not ideal by any means,
But she is worth having by all means….

She is the backbone of a man’s life,
Whom we call his wife,
When a guy gets married his friends say that’s it mate,
But after meeting her he realizes he is fortunate…

She is of course beautiful and funny,
Almost too good for her honey,
She is all lively and fun-loving,
She is also kind and stunning…..

She is strong and fair,
Irrespective she still cares,
She is short-tempered,
But she is never annoyed….

She is amazing in all respects,
Though he feels she can improve in some aspects,
But he feels she makes him a complete man,
And so he fondly calls her ‘The Woman’


Yesterday I called up an old friend,
I thought that we’ll talk on things till no end,
But few seconds in the conversation and he got stuck on something,
It was far more serious than any routine happening….

The topic was his breakup with his girlfriend,
I asked him what was the reason behind the end,
He said it was nothing but expectations,
She said he couldn’t fulfill her specifications,

Now what exactly are expectations,
They are nothing but confirmations of our assumptions,
They are a sense of approval of our behaviour,
If we fulfill them they act as a saviour….

Fulfillment of them decides what we mean to people,
If we fulfill them then great but if we don’t then nothing else matters,
It all boils down to this,
Everything else done by us is given a miss….

Why do we have them in the first place,
Because we know its unfulfillment would hurt us irreparably,
But still people have them and there’s reason for that,
We are not called humans just like that….

It’s absolutely fine to have expectations from people,
It’s not at all lethal,
It depends on people whether to fulfill or not,
Because it depends on the fact that it makes sense to them or not….

We should not judge a person on how much he fulfilled,
Instead his honesty about it should be appreciated,
Because when he met he didn’t promise you anything,
It was you who made up everything…..

A Letter of Thanks

There are a lot of people whom you meet in your lifetime,
But only few are worth a dime,
What is it that makes them so priceless,
Why is life without them worthless….

These are people who mean a great deal to you,
Because they define some part of you,
They are your friend,philosopher and guide,
Who stops you from committing a psychological suicide….

These people come in your life when you need them the most,
They help you win battles and raise a toast,
They are like those brave sailors,
Who fights with you against the storm like warriors….

These are guys whom you seldom appreciate,
Because while solving a problem you don’t allow them to participate,
They still volunteer to see you through the journey,
But when jokingly they say something then you look for an attorney….

I wrote this as a letter of thanks,
To those whom you can bank,
To those who are for you,
Because they were sent by God to be with you…

Evening Walk

I love weekends and holidays,
Not for the rest I get on these days,
But because I can go for an evening walk,
It’s just more than a walk….

On these walks I see a beautiful girl,
Whose all puzzled in this world,
She is different from her contemporaries,
Because of her sharp features….

I don’t know her name or have spoken to her,
And that intrigues me much more,
She is mostly alone,
Wonder why people are afraid of this gemstone….

But when ever our eyes meet,
I feel a connection indeed,
I feel she has a lot to say,
But she can’t get her way….

She seems very mysterious,
Is there anything or because she is dead gorgeous,
She seems very secured in her space,
Who won’t if she can get attention at a horrifying pace….

She is much more than I can imagine,
She is much more than divine,
Hope someday I can speak to her,
So that I can write more about her….


Love is the most beautiful gift of god,
But when it doesn’t work we blame god,
We fail to realize that its our mistake,
Hope we are soon awake….

Love can be for anything and everything,
It doesn’t need any logic and reasoning,
Its suppose to be like pure gold,
But that thought has become very old….

Love is one which doesn’t see any boundary,
Love is one which doesn’t see any geometry,
Love is something divine,
Love is way better than the oldest wine….

Love merges two souls to make one,
Love becomes life’s backbone,
Love is pristine,
Love is simply mine….

But today love is something else,
People think old definition of love is false,
Today it’s all come down to attraction,
I beg to differ to that notion….

Today love is about I,me,myself,
Wonder why have we become so concerned about self,
Love is measured with the spending done on the partner,
Not with the sacrifices made for the lover….

Love has become a fashion statement,
More like a brand endorsement,
Today there’s no place for feelings,
Its taken as one is abusing….

It’s sad that we have reached this state,
But its we who have brought this to our plate,
I hope old ways and days return,
Otherwise all that will be left is heartburn….

The Transition

A day comes where we all have to leave something behind,
That something may be of any kind,
We do that to start fresh,
So that we can move away from our own mess….

This happens because we make some mistake,
This happens because for us candle is more important than cake,
We always seem to remember all the bad things,
And never feel the need to appreciate the good deeds….

People say its human nature,
I say its plain immature,
I understand transition is necessary,
But we can make it all easy….

But we don’t because its about winning or losing,
Here also its all about gaining,
Our reaction to it is worse than anything,
But we are far away from accepting….

Transition is suppose to make things better for ourself,
But you don’t give that chance to yourself,
People please start valuing people,
Or a day will come where it will just be you in people….