I Miss You

In this modern world everybody has a lot of ‘friends’,
People like to refer them as friends, boyfriends or girlfriends,
According to them all bring something to the table,
But then I asked them does it make them memorable….

Not everybody is memorable but some are,
And those are the people, who are rare,
Who actually mean something to you,
People whom you miss and make you ‘you’….

There are very few of those obviously,
You can’t miss them all really,
But those whom you do, are precious,
Because they made your life gorgeous….

You don’t miss the person,
You miss the traits, habits of that person,
For some it might be there talks,
For some like me it might be their thoughts,

People miss the coffee’s, lunches, dinners, night outs and what not,
But they all miss basic thing and its the company that creates riot,
They miss mocking and fooling others,
Most of all they miss memories….

In today’s digital age when everybody’s connected everywhere,
Still you manage to miss your loved one’s in this atmosphere,
It’s definitely not true love,
It’s as they say these days its luv…..

When you miss the person its proves that person had an impact,
When they leave, you lose the ability to act,
As if they took your life away,
But the life moves on and it’s your life that’s going away….

I don’t intend to forget them,
But I can’t get hung over them,
I’ll always miss them,
Because it is worth missing them….

The Chat

We meet our friends everyday,
Its like just another day,
We speak on so many things,
But never thought something from that could give us the wings….

Wings to fly, to aspire, to desire,
Something we wanted all along to admire,
And it will start from a small stupid backchat,
Before you realize that idea came from a chat….

These chats with friends are always fun,
Like relaxing on a beach under the sun,
These chats are way of taking out our frustration,
So that we don’t became slave to this grand orchestration….

Aim of writing this is to tell you about my chat buddy,
She is one of the coolest persons, always bubbly,
The reason me and her get along very well,
Is the different perspectives she throws at me like a bombshell….

We chat about everything and anything,
We will always have these mini arguments for nothing,
But these chats teach me a lot,
And they happen over a coffeepot….

Chats made me more open-minded,
Made my thinking more grounded,
What I benefited from them is priceless,
Which cannot be gained at any ivy league colleges….

What I intend to tell you is the importance of outside opinion,
Which is unbiased and not an exaggeration,
Which is based on true logic and reasons,
The truth in absolute terms….

Try to find one buddy with whom you can chat,
Without worrying about the consequences and cheat,
Trust me it will take your intellect to another level,
Might even take you from gravel to marvel…..

The Dream Stranger

Normally when you meet a stranger,
You just see and forget her,
You don’t give it a second thought,
But what when you ought to….

I saw her on Monday,
Nobody spoke but it made my day,
Our eyes just met once,
But it never felt like once…..

She had worn the typical business attire,
But she was filled with fire,
She was reading a book,
I started drawing her in my notebook….

Eyes like pearls,hair like a flowing symphony
Body handcrafted in God’s company,
For a moment she felt perfect,
But then it can’t be correct….

She smiled and the time froze,
But for me it never unfroze,
I felt like its unreal,
It was so surreal….

Her station came and she got down,
Then my mood went down,
But as the tube started moving,
She looked back and started smiling….

Her smile made me smile,
Which went on for a mile,
But in my heart I never stopped,
Now Whenever I close my eyes I see her around….

I never saw her again,
But she is always in my brain,
Whenever I feel bit down or sad,
I remember her and she makes me glad….

The Confidant

The world is full of people,
But still we are close to only few people,
People who really know who we are,
People who make us believe that we are rare….

These are people who are either with us for a longtime,
Or have joined us for a short span of time,
They some how can look into us,
And can tell what’s wrong with us….

These people are known as your confidants,
People who are your personal consultants,
These people know our deepest and weirdest secrets,
But promise to keep those secrets a secret…..

The sharing of things with these people is based on trust,
Which in whatsoever condition should not even slightly rust,
We try to find the answers to our problems with them,
Assuming that they can help to sort out them….

A confidant is your friend,guardian,adviser,
Not anybody can be your problem solver,
There are very few who are born with it….
And then are some who develop it….

It’s the connection between us that makes us talk
Or we would have to take that lonely walk,
The frequency match makes you feel comfortable and secure,
And suddenly you feel every disease has a cure….

I had one but because of my mistake lost her,
I regret til this day loosing her,
It’s for our own good that we have one,
Because trust me it doesn’t help having none….


Whenever someone wants to gain your trust or support,
Whenever someone wants to gain your love and rapport,
Whenever they want to get close to you,
Care is the word which comes to their rescue….

Now the question is why do they use this word,
Whats so special about this word,
Is it the sudden and great impact that it creates,
Or the emotional connect it generates….

Either ways it’s a very important term for us,
It gives the feeling of a person being well-meaning of us,
It means that person doesn’t wants us or get us hurt,
It’s a symbol of genuine concern without any dirt….

Care is something that’s inbuilt in us for others,
But its levels depends on our closeness with others,
Us taking care of others helps build the bridge of trust,
Which is very difficult to make but can easily rust….

Care for someone comes from an underlying reason,
That reason is love in all season,
Now this love can be showed in two ways,
Honest or the obsessive way among which the latter you wanna keep away….

Now obviously if there are different ways of showing it,
Then there are different ways of taking it,
It all depends on the way the care is conveyed,
It doesn’t help the cause if you misunderstand the person and get annoyed…

For the care to serve its purpose it has to be acknowledged,
Though it should never be rejected,
A little appreciation of that can go a long way,
Because it can always be useful for a rainy day….

Beauty vs Beauty

While I was chatting with a friend of mine,
A very touchy topic for discussion came in line,
It was real beauty vs artificial beauty,
And to discuss it with you guys was my duty….

Beauty to different people means different things,
To some it’s that divine look kind of things,
To some its attractive but artificial exterior,
Irrespective of their interior…..

Perceptions are the reason for various definitions of beauty,
Old school says in general sense beauty is one who is cuty,
Modern school says it’s the one with hotness,
These days we have real confusion between beauty and sexiness….

Today a beauty is the one who has the complete package,
Being smart, intelligent, hot is essential to be part of the package,
Today the notion of beauty has changed drastically,
May be it’s because there are too many women competing for it officially….

Today beauty is not about the raw attraction,
It’s about the having the perfect combination,
Nobody is happy with what God gave them,
Everybody wants what isn’t with them…..

They fail to realize that their efforts are a waste of time,
Because altering or destroying God’s creation is a crime,
He gave a little bit to everyone,
So no one is above anyone….

I like the raw beauties of various nations,
Because I’m a fan of God’s creations,
Man can never reach anywhere near God,
Because no master can beat the LORD….

Cops Version

Whenever a terrorist attack or explosion happens,
Whenever a plane is hijacked or something similar happens,
People are more than ready to blame cops,
Because they are responsible for preventing such ops….

Well people are not completely wrong in doing so,
Because they have the pain of loosing their loved one’s also,
Since now its frequency has increased,
It has made people more frustrated….

Yesterday when I was waiting for my train to back home,
I saw a cop standing right next to me,
Initially I hesitated in asking him questions,
But then I gathered courage and asked for answers….

He first got surprised but then agreed to give his view,
He said such things are also difficult for them to chew,
He said they try their level best to prevent it,
But there is a physical limit to it….

He said the network set up by them of informers,
Is not given protection by government officers,
Because of this they are not passing on the information,
Which is essential for any kind of police action….

He said they have shortage of everything,
Man,machines, technology everything,
In spite of all this we put our best foot forward,
Still sometimes we are termed as coward….

Our cause is not helped by the ruthless media,
He said they just things because they have no idea,
News channels keep comparing us with FBI,
Without knowing the ground realities I ask WHY????

Then my train came and I said goodbye to him,
He said everything can’t be blamed on him,
Then it struck to me they are not as bad as we have made them,
Because being a Cop is more tough then you thought….


Yesterday I called up an old friend,
I thought that we’ll talk on things till no end,
But few seconds in the conversation and he got stuck on something,
It was far more serious than any routine happening….

The topic was his breakup with his girlfriend,
I asked him what was the reason behind the end,
He said it was nothing but expectations,
She said he couldn’t fulfill her specifications,

Now what exactly are expectations,
They are nothing but confirmations of our assumptions,
They are a sense of approval of our behaviour,
If we fulfill them they act as a saviour….

Fulfillment of them decides what we mean to people,
If we fulfill them then great but if we don’t then nothing else matters,
It all boils down to this,
Everything else done by us is given a miss….

Why do we have them in the first place,
Because we know its unfulfillment would hurt us irreparably,
But still people have them and there’s reason for that,
We are not called humans just like that….

It’s absolutely fine to have expectations from people,
It’s not at all lethal,
It depends on people whether to fulfill or not,
Because it depends on the fact that it makes sense to them or not….

We should not judge a person on how much he fulfilled,
Instead his honesty about it should be appreciated,
Because when he met he didn’t promise you anything,
It was you who made up everything…..

A Letter of Thanks

There are a lot of people whom you meet in your lifetime,
But only few are worth a dime,
What is it that makes them so priceless,
Why is life without them worthless….

These are people who mean a great deal to you,
Because they define some part of you,
They are your friend,philosopher and guide,
Who stops you from committing a psychological suicide….

These people come in your life when you need them the most,
They help you win battles and raise a toast,
They are like those brave sailors,
Who fights with you against the storm like warriors….

These are guys whom you seldom appreciate,
Because while solving a problem you don’t allow them to participate,
They still volunteer to see you through the journey,
But when jokingly they say something then you look for an attorney….

I wrote this as a letter of thanks,
To those whom you can bank,
To those who are for you,
Because they were sent by God to be with you…

Love you Sister…

Yesterday I was talking to my friend,
About our sisters and the discussion wouldn’t end,
Then I started thinking why is it so,
But for that I need an espresso….

Sisters are a gift from God,
To all the brothers who are notoriously odd,
Because she is not only our friend in need,
But also our guide indeed….

She is the one with whom we fight on trivial things,
Things and situations which have no logical meanings,
We like to play,bully,tease and torture her,
Because its hell lot of fun with her….

When we do something wrong she saves us from parents,
But won’t help a bit when it comes to friends,
She is the one who lends us money,
Which we need to spend on our honey….

We can mess with her as much as we want,
But If someone says anything to her then he has to bear our brunt,
We can’t see a tear in her eye,
Because for her we are ready to die….

I wrote this as a tribute to my sister,
Who is now with her life partner,
Though she is not around me,
But I know She’s always with me….

Love You Sis……