I Miss You

In this modern world everybody has a lot of ‘friends’,
People like to refer them as friends, boyfriends or girlfriends,
According to them all bring something to the table,
But then I asked them does it make them memorable….

Not everybody is memorable but some are,
And those are the people, who are rare,
Who actually mean something to you,
People whom you miss and make you ‘you’….

There are very few of those obviously,
You can’t miss them all really,
But those whom you do, are precious,
Because they made your life gorgeous….

You don’t miss the person,
You miss the traits, habits of that person,
For some it might be there talks,
For some like me it might be their thoughts,

People miss the coffee’s, lunches, dinners, night outs and what not,
But they all miss basic thing and its the company that creates riot,
They miss mocking and fooling others,
Most of all they miss memories….

In today’s digital age when everybody’s connected everywhere,
Still you manage to miss your loved one’s in this atmosphere,
It’s definitely not true love,
It’s as they say these days its luv…..

When you miss the person its proves that person had an impact,
When they leave, you lose the ability to act,
As if they took your life away,
But the life moves on and it’s your life that’s going away….

I don’t intend to forget them,
But I can’t get hung over them,
I’ll always miss them,
Because it is worth missing them….


The Confidant

The world is full of people,
But still we are close to only few people,
People who really know who we are,
People who make us believe that we are rare….

These are people who are either with us for a longtime,
Or have joined us for a short span of time,
They some how can look into us,
And can tell what’s wrong with us….

These people are known as your confidants,
People who are your personal consultants,
These people know our deepest and weirdest secrets,
But promise to keep those secrets a secret…..

The sharing of things with these people is based on trust,
Which in whatsoever condition should not even slightly rust,
We try to find the answers to our problems with them,
Assuming that they can help to sort out them….

A confidant is your friend,guardian,adviser,
Not anybody can be your problem solver,
There are very few who are born with it….
And then are some who develop it….

It’s the connection between us that makes us talk
Or we would have to take that lonely walk,
The frequency match makes you feel comfortable and secure,
And suddenly you feel every disease has a cure….

I had one but because of my mistake lost her,
I regret til this day loosing her,
It’s for our own good that we have one,
Because trust me it doesn’t help having none….


Whenever someone wants to gain your trust or support,
Whenever someone wants to gain your love and rapport,
Whenever they want to get close to you,
Care is the word which comes to their rescue….

Now the question is why do they use this word,
Whats so special about this word,
Is it the sudden and great impact that it creates,
Or the emotional connect it generates….

Either ways it’s a very important term for us,
It gives the feeling of a person being well-meaning of us,
It means that person doesn’t wants us or get us hurt,
It’s a symbol of genuine concern without any dirt….

Care is something that’s inbuilt in us for others,
But its levels depends on our closeness with others,
Us taking care of others helps build the bridge of trust,
Which is very difficult to make but can easily rust….

Care for someone comes from an underlying reason,
That reason is love in all season,
Now this love can be showed in two ways,
Honest or the obsessive way among which the latter you wanna keep away….

Now obviously if there are different ways of showing it,
Then there are different ways of taking it,
It all depends on the way the care is conveyed,
It doesn’t help the cause if you misunderstand the person and get annoyed…

For the care to serve its purpose it has to be acknowledged,
Though it should never be rejected,
A little appreciation of that can go a long way,
Because it can always be useful for a rainy day….

Success and Failure

People go through a lot of things in their lifetime,
Both good and bad but not for the same amount of time,
As human beings we tend to enjoy the good times more,
But we don’t want bad times any more….

When all is good we say life is fine,
When it isn’t then we sit and whine,
We handle both success and failure badly,
Because we don’t treat them equally….

Success gives the man a sense an achievement,
It proves our accomplishment,
It states that we overcame obstacles,
And conquered the hurdles….

Success can come in different ways for different people,
But it all means the same that we are able,
Success is a huge motivator,
And make sure in your success everybody is a benefactor…..

Failure on the other hand is interpreted the same by everyone,
It seems like the end of the world for everyone,
But to be very honest it’s no that way,
Failure is success’ predecessor on the life’s way….

They say failure is the best teacher you’ll ever have,
Because it teaches you right and wrong in a way that nobody could have,
Failure is important in a person’s life,
Because without that he wouldn’t have tasted success in life….

Success and failure are the two sides of life’s coin,
You can never have them both at the same time,
It’s about how you take them,
And more importantly what you make of them….

Essentially they both help in some or the other way,
So you decide either to embrace them or keep them at bay,
And how your life turns out depends on this decision,
So my friends make sure you take this decision with great precision…..


In this ultra modern world,
Where we believe honesty and genuineness has left the world,
Where everyone is selfish, mean and twisted,
Where people are redefining the words cunning and shrewd….

Anything goes wrong we have a person to blame for it,
We have reasons for blaming him for it,
We somehow convince ourselves that it was done purposely,
Without considering other factors knowingly….

We have a mindset and we declare him guilty,
Even if the person is guilty,
You have to think why did he do so,
He has to have a strong reason for doing so….

While we are busy cursing and abusing,
Analysis of circumstances is always missing,
We fail to realize the importance of situations,
Because they are capable of triggering serious ramifications….

Circumstances make us do things which we won’t do otherwise,
Because in that moment we feel helpless choice wise,
Choice made is bad,wrong we know it,
But we are forced to make it….

Nobody is born a criminal,liar or a trust breaker,
They became so because of an underlying stressor,
They know its illegal and unethical,
But for them it’s no more about what’s real and what’s unreal….

I’m not supporting any wrong deeds or person,
All I’m saying is before jumping to conclusion,
We must give the person a chance to justify his actions,
Because nobody gains from hurting fellow humans…..


There comes a time in everyone’s life,
When we are forced to think what is life?
What is it made of or what it means to us,
And why answering those questions are important to us….

Why figuring out things is difficult,
Why every movie is not a cult,
Why we don’t get things which we thought,
Why we always get things we didn’t sought….

Different people perceive life differently,
For some its about owning a Bently,
For some its about having a peace of mind,
Out of the two what have you got lined….

My teacher once told me life is very simple,
It’s about how you define ample,
The perception of life should always be divine,
Because then life is better than the oldest wine….

Life is finding happiness in little fights,
Life is finding a light in the darkest night,
Life is putting a smile on the face,
Without caring about caste,creed and race….

Life is about making things better,
Life is about the minor things that matter,
Life is about looking at the bright side,
Life is about revealing things that we hide….

Life was always about human connections,
It was always about how deeply we felt the emotions,
Yes love,hate,revenge etc are all part of it,
Yes these are the lessons God thought you should know everything related to it….

The Group

First day in college you are all alone,
The new campus,people,teachers all unknown,
You got super bored and wished you had a friend with you,
But it doesn’t work out always for you….

You enter and sit on one of the benches,
Far away from teacher’s desk by a million inches,
Suddenly some people come and sit next to you,
You introduce yourself and you have got a crew….

This is how you make friends,
And more like-minded friends,
Make thing called group,
Group is something which is a friends loop….

A group is the most important thing required to enjoy college,
Because nothing more concrete comes to my knowledge,
It’s essential to have one,
Otherwise you haven’t lived even once….

I’ll talk about mine,
The one which shines,
We all have a common denominator,
And that is being a voyager….

It consists of 9 persons,
7 guys and 2 girls,
I know you find an imbalance,
But who said you are in for a resemblance….

Guys are maniacs,
Girls are morons,
But that’s what sets apart,
U won’t find a group more smart….

Each one is special in his own right,
If one is master F1 than other in fight,
If one is in singing than other in coding,
If one is in shopping than other in bunking….

We are a very popular group in class,
No wonder people wanted to join us,
Nobody had stopped them,
But they couldn’t make the transition….

Even teachers knew us very well,
It helps when you and your teacher jell,
They knew we won’t a thing on time,
So for us there was no deadline….

We bunked as many lectures as we could,
Went to as many restaurant as we could,
Had as may night out’s as we could,
Had as much fun as we could….

But as they say all good hings come to an end,
This also will soon end,
I’ll miss it all,
Hangouts,lunches,night out’s and calls….

My time with the group was the best times I ever had,
I don’t know after them its gonna be good or bad,
I’ll cherish what I have gained,
And never let it go down the drain…..