The Chat

We meet our friends everyday,
Its like just another day,
We speak on so many things,
But never thought something from that could give us the wings….

Wings to fly, to aspire, to desire,
Something we wanted all along to admire,
And it will start from a small stupid backchat,
Before you realize that idea came from a chat….

These chats with friends are always fun,
Like relaxing on a beach under the sun,
These chats are way of taking out our frustration,
So that we don’t became slave to this grand orchestration….

Aim of writing this is to tell you about my chat buddy,
She is one of the coolest persons, always bubbly,
The reason me and her get along very well,
Is the different perspectives she throws at me like a bombshell….

We chat about everything and anything,
We will always have these mini arguments for nothing,
But these chats teach me a lot,
And they happen over a coffeepot….

Chats made me more open-minded,
Made my thinking more grounded,
What I benefited from them is priceless,
Which cannot be gained at any ivy league colleges….

What I intend to tell you is the importance of outside opinion,
Which is unbiased and not an exaggeration,
Which is based on true logic and reasons,
The truth in absolute terms….

Try to find one buddy with whom you can chat,
Without worrying about the consequences and cheat,
Trust me it will take your intellect to another level,
Might even take you from gravel to marvel…..

4 Years

There are lot of courses available today,
But they weren’t when we started the day,
So for us it was either becoming engineer or doctors,
As others didn’t pass the social parameters….

I sadly choose engineering,
No idea what the hell was I thinking ,
Many people told me its the best option,
And also quietly added that it was my first and last option….

I entered it with all the fun and fair,
But when studies started books gave me a hard stare,
Had no clue how and what to study,
All I managed while studying was to feel sleepy….

Teachers at this level have to be experts,
Surprisingly here also you’ll find some perverts,
Teachers teach subjects about which they don’t have a clue,
And then expect us to get stuck to the subject like a glue….

Between all this I also fought with my best friend,
And lost her at the end,
Not quite proud of that fact,
I accept its something I regret….

After that I fell in love with a beauty,
Waiting for her at college gate became my duty,
I thought she was the one for me,
But it wasn’t to be….

After 4 long years a lot has changed,
Me,people,friends by a margin that can’t be gauged,
But that change is nothing but maturity,
It has made us able to tackle any atrocity…..

Life taught me a lot of lessons here,
Which I couldn’t have learned anywhere,
It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time,
Because it will save you even in bad times….


Education is a process which gives us knowledge,
For that we have schools and college,
But to get into those is a tough task,
Because fulfilling their criteria is a huge ask….

Education in olden days was about learning,
It was about gaining information and understanding,
Where knowledge was to be applied to create something,
Something out of nothing….

Today gaining knowledge is not important,
But getting placed is the final resultant,
Higher the salary tougher the admission process,
I think that is because they’ll have fewer people to access….

Entrance exams are the worst thing in the system,
Because they are taken at every little step to do the students postmortem,
Right from getting into pre-schools to getting into masters,
I fail to understand how 3 hours can prove a student is a fool or from a group of performers….

Education today has become a business product,
Where coaching classes and teachers instruct,
How to clear competitive exams,
So that you can achieve your daydreams….

Today failure is not acceptable at all,
In olden days they asked you to fail,
Because they knew failure tells you what,when and how to do,
Today only replicating books in exams is what you are expected to do…..

Today success is measured by the degrees you have,
And not by the knowledge you have,
Knowledge should be accumulated as much as possible,
And should be distributed like a bible….

I hope people realize this soon,
Knowledge is a boon,
It’s supposed to be used to innovate,
Not to eliminate….

My Friend

Few years back i met a guy,
I still don’t know why i said hi,
That very moment i felt we could tag along,
But never thought it would be for so long….

Initially i thought he was a sincere chap,
But later found that it was bloody crap,
He redefines the word stupidity,
At the same moment glorifies honesty….

He is an absolute maniac,
One who could give you an arrest in cardiac,
He is the laziest guy i have ever seen,
Still manages to stay clean….

He has a nag of impressing girls,
No idea what he does with there curls,
He is the master of messaging,
And then goes to the mobile operator agitating….

His dressing sense is weird to say the least,
His clothes can put beggars to ease,
He says he dresses for occasion,
To me his definition of occasion is still unknown….

His life is about eating,roaming and enjoying,
He has never let serious stuff sink in,
He is always late in everything,
Can’t understand what he keeps doing….

It gives me immense pain when things don’t go his way,
But he being himself its his way or the highway,
Every time when i say something he feels its a taunt,
But its an advice and i say take it he says he won’t….

Time spent with him has been fun,
And truly second to none,
I feel lucky to have him as my friend,
And hope this friendship never ends…..