The Woman

Very rarely you meet someone who is a perfect,
Who is without any defect,
Whom you love for the person she is,
And you want her to become your missus….

She is the one you long for,
She is the one to die for,
She is not ideal by any means,
But she is worth having by all means….

She is the backbone of a man’s life,
Whom we call his wife,
When a guy gets married his friends say that’s it mate,
But after meeting her he realizes he is fortunate…

She is of course beautiful and funny,
Almost too good for her honey,
She is all lively and fun-loving,
She is also kind and stunning…..

She is strong and fair,
Irrespective she still cares,
She is short-tempered,
But she is never annoyed….

She is amazing in all respects,
Though he feels she can improve in some aspects,
But he feels she makes him a complete man,
And so he fondly calls her ‘The Woman’

11 comments on “The Woman

  1. rashmi says:


  2. Taran says:

    Read this to one of your friends when he/she gets married, I am sure they will be delighted!!

  3. mast hai…specially the last part….seriously liked it….

  4. Arpita Saha says:

    Hmm… Interesting 😉

  5. Tirtha Maiti says:

    Beautifully written…luved it !!!

  6. kitkatmoore says:

    Reblogged this on kitkatmoore and commented:
    Very insightful blog.

  7. ANSHUL JAIN says:

    wonderfulll lines pratik 😀

  8. amit yadav says:

    yup…..very true n mast but finding such woman is nt dat easy…….

  9. aditi says:

    perfect yaar….. luved it… 🙂

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