The Chat

We meet our friends everyday,
Its like just another day,
We speak on so many things,
But never thought something from that could give us the wings….

Wings to fly, to aspire, to desire,
Something we wanted all along to admire,
And it will start from a small stupid backchat,
Before you realize that idea came from a chat….

These chats with friends are always fun,
Like relaxing on a beach under the sun,
These chats are way of taking out our frustration,
So that we don’t became slave to this grand orchestration….

Aim of writing this is to tell you about my chat buddy,
She is one of the coolest persons, always bubbly,
The reason me and her get along very well,
Is the different perspectives she throws at me like a bombshell….

We chat about everything and anything,
We will always have these mini arguments for nothing,
But these chats teach me a lot,
And they happen over a coffeepot….

Chats made me more open-minded,
Made my thinking more grounded,
What I benefited from them is priceless,
Which cannot be gained at any ivy league colleges….

What I intend to tell you is the importance of outside opinion,
Which is unbiased and not an exaggeration,
Which is based on true logic and reasons,
The truth in absolute terms….

Try to find one buddy with whom you can chat,
Without worrying about the consequences and cheat,
Trust me it will take your intellect to another level,
Might even take you from gravel to marvel…..

5 comments on “The Chat

  1. riya malhotra says:

    good…but could have worked more on it… 🙂

  2. amit yadav says:

    gud 1 bro…..kafi talented banda hai tu…..lolzzz

  3. aditi says:

    like like like………. vry tru…… suits me.. hehehe

  4. AKHIL PAREEK says:

    “The Dream Stranger” —-*****Super Like*****
    Very True !!!

    Honesty, I don’t read Poems generally…Very Selective, Like To Continue After reading First 3-4 Lines…..Read This One, Right From Starting To End….Even Twice….Pratik, It Was Awesome—Superb””””

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