The Confidant

The world is full of people,
But still we are close to only few people,
People who really know who we are,
People who make us believe that we are rare….

These are people who are either with us for a longtime,
Or have joined us for a short span of time,
They some how can look into us,
And can tell what’s wrong with us….

These people are known as your confidants,
People who are your personal consultants,
These people know our deepest and weirdest secrets,
But promise to keep those secrets a secret…..

The sharing of things with these people is based on trust,
Which in whatsoever condition should not even slightly rust,
We try to find the answers to our problems with them,
Assuming that they can help to sort out them….

A confidant is your friend,guardian,adviser,
Not anybody can be your problem solver,
There are very few who are born with it….
And then are some who develop it….

It’s the connection between us that makes us talk
Or we would have to take that lonely walk,
The frequency match makes you feel comfortable and secure,
And suddenly you feel every disease has a cure….

I had one but because of my mistake lost her,
I regret til this day loosing her,
It’s for our own good that we have one,
Because trust me it doesn’t help having none….

8 comments on “The Confidant

  1. aditi says:


  2. Nivedita says:

    Last two paras are touching…

  3. aarti says:

    feeling spcl….. n d last para….it keeps me wondering….

  4. bandi luke says:

    The written article is very much in life ……….
    it leaves good impression on people……………….

  5. amit yadav says:

    superb man…….keep it up bro!!!!!

  6. akanksha says:

    wowzzz…..really appreciable…n i loved da title ‘the confidant’ !!!!

  7. arpita saha says:

    Very true!

  8. Riya Malhotra... says:

    awww…gr8 justice to the title… 🙂

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