Whenever someone wants to gain your trust or support,
Whenever someone wants to gain your love and rapport,
Whenever they want to get close to you,
Care is the word which comes to their rescue….

Now the question is why do they use this word,
Whats so special about this word,
Is it the sudden and great impact that it creates,
Or the emotional connect it generates….

Either ways it’s a very important term for us,
It gives the feeling of a person being well-meaning of us,
It means that person doesn’t wants us or get us hurt,
It’s a symbol of genuine concern without any dirt….

Care is something that’s inbuilt in us for others,
But its levels depends on our closeness with others,
Us taking care of others helps build the bridge of trust,
Which is very difficult to make but can easily rust….

Care for someone comes from an underlying reason,
That reason is love in all season,
Now this love can be showed in two ways,
Honest or the obsessive way among which the latter you wanna keep away….

Now obviously if there are different ways of showing it,
Then there are different ways of taking it,
It all depends on the way the care is conveyed,
It doesn’t help the cause if you misunderstand the person and get annoyed…

For the care to serve its purpose it has to be acknowledged,
Though it should never be rejected,
A little appreciation of that can go a long way,
Because it can always be useful for a rainy day….

Success and Failure

People go through a lot of things in their lifetime,
Both good and bad but not for the same amount of time,
As human beings we tend to enjoy the good times more,
But we don’t want bad times any more….

When all is good we say life is fine,
When it isn’t then we sit and whine,
We handle both success and failure badly,
Because we don’t treat them equally….

Success gives the man a sense an achievement,
It proves our accomplishment,
It states that we overcame obstacles,
And conquered the hurdles….

Success can come in different ways for different people,
But it all means the same that we are able,
Success is a huge motivator,
And make sure in your success everybody is a benefactor…..

Failure on the other hand is interpreted the same by everyone,
It seems like the end of the world for everyone,
But to be very honest it’s no that way,
Failure is success’ predecessor on the life’s way….

They say failure is the best teacher you’ll ever have,
Because it teaches you right and wrong in a way that nobody could have,
Failure is important in a person’s life,
Because without that he wouldn’t have tasted success in life….

Success and failure are the two sides of life’s coin,
You can never have them both at the same time,
It’s about how you take them,
And more importantly what you make of them….

Essentially they both help in some or the other way,
So you decide either to embrace them or keep them at bay,
And how your life turns out depends on this decision,
So my friends make sure you take this decision with great precision…..