In this ultra modern world,
Where we believe honesty and genuineness has left the world,
Where everyone is selfish, mean and twisted,
Where people are redefining the words cunning and shrewd….

Anything goes wrong we have a person to blame for it,
We have reasons for blaming him for it,
We somehow convince ourselves that it was done purposely,
Without considering other factors knowingly….

We have a mindset and we declare him guilty,
Even if the person is guilty,
You have to think why did he do so,
He has to have a strong reason for doing so….

While we are busy cursing and abusing,
Analysis of circumstances is always missing,
We fail to realize the importance of situations,
Because they are capable of triggering serious ramifications….

Circumstances make us do things which we won’t do otherwise,
Because in that moment we feel helpless choice wise,
Choice made is bad,wrong we know it,
But we are forced to make it….

Nobody is born a criminal,liar or a trust breaker,
They became so because of an underlying stressor,
They know its illegal and unethical,
But for them it’s no more about what’s real and what’s unreal….

I’m not supporting any wrong deeds or person,
All I’m saying is before jumping to conclusion,
We must give the person a chance to justify his actions,
Because nobody gains from hurting fellow humans…..


2 comments on “Circumstances

  1. nopes some ppl like lying all the time…its their hobby……
    but its a gud one

  2. Pranay Shah says:

    great work dude…!!!

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