It’s said that smile has magical power,
It can make happiness last longer,
It can make grudges go away,
It brings positivity right away….

Smile can bring a person alive,
Gives a person a reason to live,
Smile brings with it peace of mind,
Which gives you relaxation of every kind….

Smile is about giving someone joy,
Like a girl smiling at a boy,
She has given the boy a reason to be happy,
That joy would then be passed on to make others happy….

Some people have a million dollar smile,
Most people have a normal smile,
But both have the same effect on people,
Which means its priceless for people….

Some people smile’s is comforting in nature,
It’s because those people are mature,
They know this would make others stronger,
And at the end of the day somewhat better….

All we want is our loved one’s to smile,
So that they walk that extra mile,
Because that’s what’s it’s all about,
Otherwise there will be happiness drought….

I would say to my loved one’s,
Keep smiling and never stop for once,
No matter I’m with or without you,
It will always make me happy watching a smiling you…..


In this ultra modern world,
Where we believe honesty and genuineness has left the world,
Where everyone is selfish, mean and twisted,
Where people are redefining the words cunning and shrewd….

Anything goes wrong we have a person to blame for it,
We have reasons for blaming him for it,
We somehow convince ourselves that it was done purposely,
Without considering other factors knowingly….

We have a mindset and we declare him guilty,
Even if the person is guilty,
You have to think why did he do so,
He has to have a strong reason for doing so….

While we are busy cursing and abusing,
Analysis of circumstances is always missing,
We fail to realize the importance of situations,
Because they are capable of triggering serious ramifications….

Circumstances make us do things which we won’t do otherwise,
Because in that moment we feel helpless choice wise,
Choice made is bad,wrong we know it,
But we are forced to make it….

Nobody is born a criminal,liar or a trust breaker,
They became so because of an underlying stressor,
They know its illegal and unethical,
But for them it’s no more about what’s real and what’s unreal….

I’m not supporting any wrong deeds or person,
All I’m saying is before jumping to conclusion,
We must give the person a chance to justify his actions,
Because nobody gains from hurting fellow humans…..