There comes a time in everyone’s life,
When we are forced to think what is life?
What is it made of or what it means to us,
And why answering those questions are important to us….

Why figuring out things is difficult,
Why every movie is not a cult,
Why we don’t get things which we thought,
Why we always get things we didn’t sought….

Different people perceive life differently,
For some its about owning a Bently,
For some its about having a peace of mind,
Out of the two what have you got lined….

My teacher once told me life is very simple,
It’s about how you define ample,
The perception of life should always be divine,
Because then life is better than the oldest wine….

Life is finding happiness in little fights,
Life is finding a light in the darkest night,
Life is putting a smile on the face,
Without caring about caste,creed and race….

Life is about making things better,
Life is about the minor things that matter,
Life is about looking at the bright side,
Life is about revealing things that we hide….

Life was always about human connections,
It was always about how deeply we felt the emotions,
Yes love,hate,revenge etc are all part of it,
Yes these are the lessons God thought you should know everything related to it….

The Group

First day in college you are all alone,
The new campus,people,teachers all unknown,
You got super bored and wished you had a friend with you,
But it doesn’t work out always for you….

You enter and sit on one of the benches,
Far away from teacher’s desk by a million inches,
Suddenly some people come and sit next to you,
You introduce yourself and you have got a crew….

This is how you make friends,
And more like-minded friends,
Make thing called group,
Group is something which is a friends loop….

A group is the most important thing required to enjoy college,
Because nothing more concrete comes to my knowledge,
It’s essential to have one,
Otherwise you haven’t lived even once….

I’ll talk about mine,
The one which shines,
We all have a common denominator,
And that is being a voyager….

It consists of 9 persons,
7 guys and 2 girls,
I know you find an imbalance,
But who said you are in for a resemblance….

Guys are maniacs,
Girls are morons,
But that’s what sets apart,
U won’t find a group more smart….

Each one is special in his own right,
If one is master F1 than other in fight,
If one is in singing than other in coding,
If one is in shopping than other in bunking….

We are a very popular group in class,
No wonder people wanted to join us,
Nobody had stopped them,
But they couldn’t make the transition….

Even teachers knew us very well,
It helps when you and your teacher jell,
They knew we won’t a thing on time,
So for us there was no deadline….

We bunked as many lectures as we could,
Went to as many restaurant as we could,
Had as may night out’s as we could,
Had as much fun as we could….

But as they say all good hings come to an end,
This also will soon end,
I’ll miss it all,
Hangouts,lunches,night out’s and calls….

My time with the group was the best times I ever had,
I don’t know after them its gonna be good or bad,
I’ll cherish what I have gained,
And never let it go down the drain…..

Beauty vs Beauty

While I was chatting with a friend of mine,
A very touchy topic for discussion came in line,
It was real beauty vs artificial beauty,
And to discuss it with you guys was my duty….

Beauty to different people means different things,
To some it’s that divine look kind of things,
To some its attractive but artificial exterior,
Irrespective of their interior…..

Perceptions are the reason for various definitions of beauty,
Old school says in general sense beauty is one who is cuty,
Modern school says it’s the one with hotness,
These days we have real confusion between beauty and sexiness….

Today a beauty is the one who has the complete package,
Being smart, intelligent, hot is essential to be part of the package,
Today the notion of beauty has changed drastically,
May be it’s because there are too many women competing for it officially….

Today beauty is not about the raw attraction,
It’s about the having the perfect combination,
Nobody is happy with what God gave them,
Everybody wants what isn’t with them…..

They fail to realize that their efforts are a waste of time,
Because altering or destroying God’s creation is a crime,
He gave a little bit to everyone,
So no one is above anyone….

I like the raw beauties of various nations,
Because I’m a fan of God’s creations,
Man can never reach anywhere near God,
Because no master can beat the LORD….