Cops Version

Whenever a terrorist attack or explosion happens,
Whenever a plane is hijacked or something similar happens,
People are more than ready to blame cops,
Because they are responsible for preventing such ops….

Well people are not completely wrong in doing so,
Because they have the pain of loosing their loved one’s also,
Since now its frequency has increased,
It has made people more frustrated….

Yesterday when I was waiting for my train to back home,
I saw a cop standing right next to me,
Initially I hesitated in asking him questions,
But then I gathered courage and asked for answers….

He first got surprised but then agreed to give his view,
He said such things are also difficult for them to chew,
He said they try their level best to prevent it,
But there is a physical limit to it….

He said the network set up by them of informers,
Is not given protection by government officers,
Because of this they are not passing on the information,
Which is essential for any kind of police action….

He said they have shortage of everything,
Man,machines, technology everything,
In spite of all this we put our best foot forward,
Still sometimes we are termed as coward….

Our cause is not helped by the ruthless media,
He said they just things because they have no idea,
News channels keep comparing us with FBI,
Without knowing the ground realities I ask WHY????

Then my train came and I said goodbye to him,
He said everything can’t be blamed on him,
Then it struck to me they are not as bad as we have made them,
Because being a Cop is more tough then you thought….


Yesterday I called up an old friend,
I thought that we’ll talk on things till no end,
But few seconds in the conversation and he got stuck on something,
It was far more serious than any routine happening….

The topic was his breakup with his girlfriend,
I asked him what was the reason behind the end,
He said it was nothing but expectations,
She said he couldn’t fulfill her specifications,

Now what exactly are expectations,
They are nothing but confirmations of our assumptions,
They are a sense of approval of our behaviour,
If we fulfill them they act as a saviour….

Fulfillment of them decides what we mean to people,
If we fulfill them then great but if we don’t then nothing else matters,
It all boils down to this,
Everything else done by us is given a miss….

Why do we have them in the first place,
Because we know its unfulfillment would hurt us irreparably,
But still people have them and there’s reason for that,
We are not called humans just like that….

It’s absolutely fine to have expectations from people,
It’s not at all lethal,
It depends on people whether to fulfill or not,
Because it depends on the fact that it makes sense to them or not….

We should not judge a person on how much he fulfilled,
Instead his honesty about it should be appreciated,
Because when he met he didn’t promise you anything,
It was you who made up everything…..