A Letter of Thanks

There are a lot of people whom you meet in your lifetime,
But only few are worth a dime,
What is it that makes them so priceless,
Why is life without them worthless….

These are people who mean a great deal to you,
Because they define some part of you,
They are your friend,philosopher and guide,
Who stops you from committing a psychological suicide….

These people come in your life when you need them the most,
They help you win battles and raise a toast,
They are like those brave sailors,
Who fights with you against the storm like warriors….

These are guys whom you seldom appreciate,
Because while solving a problem you don’t allow them to participate,
They still volunteer to see you through the journey,
But when jokingly they say something then you look for an attorney….

I wrote this as a letter of thanks,
To those whom you can bank,
To those who are for you,
Because they were sent by God to be with you…


One comment on “A Letter of Thanks

  1. Arpita says:

    Fantastic! It’s a treat for my eyes. Keep it up, Pratik! 🙂

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