Love you Sister…

Yesterday I was talking to my friend,
About our sisters and the discussion wouldn’t end,
Then I started thinking why is it so,
But for that I need an espresso….

Sisters are a gift from God,
To all the brothers who are notoriously odd,
Because she is not only our friend in need,
But also our guide indeed….

She is the one with whom we fight on trivial things,
Things and situations which have no logical meanings,
We like to play,bully,tease and torture her,
Because its hell lot of fun with her….

When we do something wrong she saves us from parents,
But won’t help a bit when it comes to friends,
She is the one who lends us money,
Which we need to spend on our honey….

We can mess with her as much as we want,
But If someone says anything to her then he has to bear our brunt,
We can’t see a tear in her eye,
Because for her we are ready to die….

I wrote this as a tribute to my sister,
Who is now with her life partner,
Though she is not around me,
But I know She’s always with me….

Love You Sis……


8 comments on “Love you Sister…

  1. aditi says:

    awsm yar….. spcly 4 d occassion of rakshabandhan.. perfct….

  2. Prashun Das says:

    well writtn buddy…i dnt hav a sis..neva xperincd al dis…bt still felt nice

  3. NiTiN Shiva says:

    great work man, she is definitely gonna love it 😀

  4. priya says:

    awesome….touchy poem….too gd..keep it up

  5. sheetal says:

    superduper likee…:):):)

  6. akanksha says:

    like like like…..thousand times…. 🙂

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