A Ride to Remember

I was quietly sitting in the bus,
Listening to Eminem and reading Sum of all Fears,
Then suddenly I saw a girl,
Who was far away from normal….

She had beautiful set of eyes,
Probably next to Aishwarya Rai’s,
Her eyes had a shade of both black and brown,
It was as gorgeous as the dawn…

The bus was not too crowded,
My thoughts weren’t concentrated,
I couldn’t get my eyes off her eyes,
It was like plain truth after a chapter of lies….

I couldn’t read more than two pages of my book in a two-hour journey,
It was like a sweet musical harmony,
She was chatting with her friends,
Every time she smiled her eyes shined like stars….

Her eyes put my mind to peace,
Made me think that world is still nice,
Her eyes made me realize,
What is more important money or memories…..

I can say she made my day,
For which I now pray everyday,
Her eyes made me smile,
Which in today’s world is like crossing river Nile….