The Fighter

In life people go through a lot,
Some things are memorable and some are not,
Difficulties break some and also make some,
But they couldn’t break this one….

She was very sweet and honest,
At the same time she wasn’t a priest,
She was very beautiful and polite,
She was very intelligent and bright….

She was just as normal as anybody else,
But then she was diagnosed with something drastic,
And it made her different from everybody else,
It didn’t make her exactly ecstatic….

That disease grasped her very tight,
Slowly and steadily it stated sucking out her life,
It eroded her stamina very quickly,
But not her will to fight even slightly….

It’s very easy to succumb under pressure,
But to give up was not in her nature,
She fought with it like a true warrior,
Which is a dream of every soldier….

She decided to fight with it alone,
And so cutting herself off web,friends and phone,
Ultimately it became very difficult for her friends to keep in touch,
Because they didn’t knew something happened as such….

Months later she came out of her shell,
Bruised and bleeding but ready to jell,
On the way she lost some friends,
But also met some gems….

Fighting alone sometimes is very necessary,
Just to tel yourself that you are not ordinary,
She could do this because she had the spirit,
Meaning don’t just breathe life but live it….


A Ride to Remember

I was quietly sitting in the bus,
Listening to Eminem and reading Sum of all Fears,
Then suddenly I saw a girl,
Who was far away from normal….

She had beautiful set of eyes,
Probably next to Aishwarya Rai’s,
Her eyes had a shade of both black and brown,
It was as gorgeous as the dawn…

The bus was not too crowded,
My thoughts weren’t concentrated,
I couldn’t get my eyes off her eyes,
It was like plain truth after a chapter of lies….

I couldn’t read more than two pages of my book in a two-hour journey,
It was like a sweet musical harmony,
She was chatting with her friends,
Every time she smiled her eyes shined like stars….

Her eyes put my mind to peace,
Made me think that world is still nice,
Her eyes made me realize,
What is more important money or memories…..

I can say she made my day,
For which I now pray everyday,
Her eyes made me smile,
Which in today’s world is like crossing river Nile….

Evening Walk

I love weekends and holidays,
Not for the rest I get on these days,
But because I can go for an evening walk,
It’s just more than a walk….

On these walks I see a beautiful girl,
Whose all puzzled in this world,
She is different from her contemporaries,
Because of her sharp features….

I don’t know her name or have spoken to her,
And that intrigues me much more,
She is mostly alone,
Wonder why people are afraid of this gemstone….

But when ever our eyes meet,
I feel a connection indeed,
I feel she has a lot to say,
But she can’t get her way….

She seems very mysterious,
Is there anything or because she is dead gorgeous,
She seems very secured in her space,
Who won’t if she can get attention at a horrifying pace….

She is much more than I can imagine,
She is much more than divine,
Hope someday I can speak to her,
So that I can write more about her….

Growth vs Money

In professional life it’s always between growth and money,
Which one will you choose honey,
Because this choice decides how you’ll fare,
I know it seems unfair….

When you start your stint people will advice you a lot on this,
Advice will differ from sector to sector on this,
Financial says money others say growth,
Whatever you choose you should stick by it like you took an oath….

People who choose either have their own set of reasons,
What matters is that your choice should be for all seasons,
So whats all this about ,
Is it really worth it….

People going for money say it can buy anything,
For them material gains are everything,
They say it improves their standard of living and stuff,
Nobody thinks about missing their child’s growing up….

All they are concerned about is how and when they’ll get promoted,
They have a huge fear of getting left behind,
It’s always about how to raise my status,
I don’t know where this thinking is gonna lead us….

People going growth have a different perspective,
For them its less objective and more subjective,
It’s never about the money it’s about the knowledge,
They believe this is what gives them the edge….

Growth ensure you are safe and sound,
Both on financial and emotional background,
It keeps your mind stable,
It makes mankind more informed and able….

Both have their pro’s and con’s,
But you should be smart enough to choose the right one,
I’m not saying money is not important,
But to me growth seems more relevant….

I know for some my conclusion won’t make sense,
But for me it’s about looking at things from a finer lens,
For me little things matter a lot,
Then larger things which are always more than their allotted lot….