Education is a process which gives us knowledge,
For that we have schools and college,
But to get into those is a tough task,
Because fulfilling their criteria is a huge ask….

Education in olden days was about learning,
It was about gaining information and understanding,
Where knowledge was to be applied to create something,
Something out of nothing….

Today gaining knowledge is not important,
But getting placed is the final resultant,
Higher the salary tougher the admission process,
I think that is because they’ll have fewer people to access….

Entrance exams are the worst thing in the system,
Because they are taken at every little step to do the students postmortem,
Right from getting into pre-schools to getting into masters,
I fail to understand how 3 hours can prove a student is a fool or from a group of performers….

Education today has become a business product,
Where coaching classes and teachers instruct,
How to clear competitive exams,
So that you can achieve your daydreams….

Today failure is not acceptable at all,
In olden days they asked you to fail,
Because they knew failure tells you what,when and how to do,
Today only replicating books in exams is what you are expected to do…..

Today success is measured by the degrees you have,
And not by the knowledge you have,
Knowledge should be accumulated as much as possible,
And should be distributed like a bible….

I hope people realize this soon,
Knowledge is a boon,
It’s supposed to be used to innovate,
Not to eliminate….


5 comments on “Education

  1. akanksha says:

    m a student saying….very trueee….. 🙂 story of every student……!!!!! must read…..

  2. sheetal says:

    i totally agree wid u..:) gud 1..!!!

  3. Alok says:

    Hahaha!!!! Good one brother. Tale of a student.

  4. Ashish Chaudhari says:

    Nice One Bro…. Knowledge is power… but This days degrees with the good grades matters a lot..

  5. Vivek says:

    Oho! personal experience….

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