New Chapter in Life

Few days ago i finished my graduation,
Entering into a life with a whole new dimension,
At this moment you start thinking,
Because the clock is ticking….

You now have to leave everything behind,
Things that you cherished of all kind,
Its gives you immense pain,
But you have to loose to gain….

Your approach to life changes,
Suddenly you start keeping a note of experiences,
People say change is always good,
In this case you might not agree for good….

Once your professional life starts,
Friends,family start drifting apart,
Now priorities are different,
Life is more stringent….

Now life is all about deadlines,
If work is not done on time our ratings decline,
Now its about company’s profit,
And not about your benefit….

Now co-workers promotion is hot topic,
Surprisingly who hated it once start to gossip,
Now we have a certain attitude,
And we loose our gratitude….

I understand time now is not at our disposal
At the same time you can’t get dismissal,
You cant get bullish about it,
Most importantly you can’t get selfish about it….

But you got to make the most of it,
You can’t let all this slip,
You got to make the effort,
With friends and family in it you can create the fort….


8 comments on “New Chapter in Life

  1. Vivek says:

    very nice dude. Very true and gives a nice lesson too that you must enjoy your school time, college time n all because once its gone, its gone. And after that there is just a space where you have to prove yourself. So don’t make time to pass like nothing, make the most out of it by enjoying and then performing…

  2. Shashank says:

    Dis is awesome…!! kudos man!

  3. Zinita Bhatt says:

    really……professional life is totally restless and is full of competition. So we shud enjoy school and college life along with studies bcoz these r d golden days………..and afterwards only we can do is to recollect them and hv a smile.And these lines convey 1 more nice message that we shud never forget our family and friends and give them some time frm our busy lives, then only we can feel happiness in our lives and get away frm selfishness, jealousness…….i liked the whole poem very much. Its excellent.

  4. akanksha says:

    i duuno abt proffesional life…but i knw dat ur skills r getting better day by day…..keep it up…. 🙂

  5. Ruchi says:

    very nice words… that is goin to be the story of our lives pretty soon…

  6. Sonia says:

    it shows that u have entered d next stage of life…. gud 1 🙂

  7. sheetal says:

    It is so very true…luvd it !!!..seriously yaar i miss my old days..:(

  8. Ashish Chaudhari says:

    Very true Dude…

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