Love is the most beautiful gift of god,
But when it doesn’t work we blame god,
We fail to realize that its our mistake,
Hope we are soon awake….

Love can be for anything and everything,
It doesn’t need any logic and reasoning,
Its suppose to be like pure gold,
But that thought has become very old….

Love is one which doesn’t see any boundary,
Love is one which doesn’t see any geometry,
Love is something divine,
Love is way better than the oldest wine….

Love merges two souls to make one,
Love becomes life’s backbone,
Love is pristine,
Love is simply mine….

But today love is something else,
People think old definition of love is false,
Today it’s all come down to attraction,
I beg to differ to that notion….

Today love is about I,me,myself,
Wonder why have we become so concerned about self,
Love is measured with the spending done on the partner,
Not with the sacrifices made for the lover….

Love has become a fashion statement,
More like a brand endorsement,
Today there’s no place for feelings,
Its taken as one is abusing….

It’s sad that we have reached this state,
But its we who have brought this to our plate,
I hope old ways and days return,
Otherwise all that will be left is heartburn….


5 comments on “Love

  1. goswamiharsh says:

    gud one ya……….:)

  2. Sonia says:

    a fact…. !!!!

  3. Vivek says:

    It’s a real and a biggest fact of life, but I am still a follower of old trend..

  4. Zinita Bhatt says:

    really very very true……..

  5. Ashish Chaudhari says:

    People are very Ego-Centric when They fall in love …..

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