The Transition

A day comes where we all have to leave something behind,
That something may be of any kind,
We do that to start fresh,
So that we can move away from our own mess….

This happens because we make some mistake,
This happens because for us candle is more important than cake,
We always seem to remember all the bad things,
And never feel the need to appreciate the good deeds….

People say its human nature,
I say its plain immature,
I understand transition is necessary,
But we can make it all easy….

But we don’t because its about winning or losing,
Here also its all about gaining,
Our reaction to it is worse than anything,
But we are far away from accepting….

Transition is suppose to make things better for ourself,
But you don’t give that chance to yourself,
People please start valuing people,
Or a day will come where it will just be you in people….


7 comments on “The Transition

  1. Sonia says:

    true well said…. !!!!

  2. isha says:

    Really good one!!

  3. Roshni says:

    Great Thoughts…..well written….

  4. Swapnil Narlawar says:

    Nice yr…nt in 5 yrs i could no dat u cud write so smooth…gr8 compilation…

  5. Vivek says:

    Really nice n heart touching dude..

  6. akanksha vithalkar says:

    i must say well done….very true!!!!!

  7. Ashish Chaudhari says:

    I liked it… all u need is right attitude towards life for easy transition.

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