4 Years

There are lot of courses available today,
But they weren’t when we started the day,
So for us it was either becoming engineer or doctors,
As others didn’t pass the social parameters….

I sadly choose engineering,
No idea what the hell was I thinking ,
Many people told me its the best option,
And also quietly added that it was my first and last option….

I entered it with all the fun and fair,
But when studies started books gave me a hard stare,
Had no clue how and what to study,
All I managed while studying was to feel sleepy….

Teachers at this level have to be experts,
Surprisingly here also you’ll find some perverts,
Teachers teach subjects about which they don’t have a clue,
And then expect us to get stuck to the subject like a glue….

Between all this I also fought with my best friend,
And lost her at the end,
Not quite proud of that fact,
I accept its something I regret….

After that I fell in love with a beauty,
Waiting for her at college gate became my duty,
I thought she was the one for me,
But it wasn’t to be….

After 4 long years a lot has changed,
Me,people,friends by a margin that can’t be gauged,
But that change is nothing but maturity,
It has made us able to tackle any atrocity…..

Life taught me a lot of lessons here,
Which I couldn’t have learned anywhere,
It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time,
Because it will save you even in bad times….


Education is a process which gives us knowledge,
For that we have schools and college,
But to get into those is a tough task,
Because fulfilling their criteria is a huge ask….

Education in olden days was about learning,
It was about gaining information and understanding,
Where knowledge was to be applied to create something,
Something out of nothing….

Today gaining knowledge is not important,
But getting placed is the final resultant,
Higher the salary tougher the admission process,
I think that is because they’ll have fewer people to access….

Entrance exams are the worst thing in the system,
Because they are taken at every little step to do the students postmortem,
Right from getting into pre-schools to getting into masters,
I fail to understand how 3 hours can prove a student is a fool or from a group of performers….

Education today has become a business product,
Where coaching classes and teachers instruct,
How to clear competitive exams,
So that you can achieve your daydreams….

Today failure is not acceptable at all,
In olden days they asked you to fail,
Because they knew failure tells you what,when and how to do,
Today only replicating books in exams is what you are expected to do…..

Today success is measured by the degrees you have,
And not by the knowledge you have,
Knowledge should be accumulated as much as possible,
And should be distributed like a bible….

I hope people realize this soon,
Knowledge is a boon,
It’s supposed to be used to innovate,
Not to eliminate….

New Chapter in Life

Few days ago i finished my graduation,
Entering into a life with a whole new dimension,
At this moment you start thinking,
Because the clock is ticking….

You now have to leave everything behind,
Things that you cherished of all kind,
Its gives you immense pain,
But you have to loose to gain….

Your approach to life changes,
Suddenly you start keeping a note of experiences,
People say change is always good,
In this case you might not agree for good….

Once your professional life starts,
Friends,family start drifting apart,
Now priorities are different,
Life is more stringent….

Now life is all about deadlines,
If work is not done on time our ratings decline,
Now its about company’s profit,
And not about your benefit….

Now co-workers promotion is hot topic,
Surprisingly who hated it once start to gossip,
Now we have a certain attitude,
And we loose our gratitude….

I understand time now is not at our disposal
At the same time you can’t get dismissal,
You cant get bullish about it,
Most importantly you can’t get selfish about it….

But you got to make the most of it,
You can’t let all this slip,
You got to make the effort,
With friends and family in it you can create the fort….


Love is the most beautiful gift of god,
But when it doesn’t work we blame god,
We fail to realize that its our mistake,
Hope we are soon awake….

Love can be for anything and everything,
It doesn’t need any logic and reasoning,
Its suppose to be like pure gold,
But that thought has become very old….

Love is one which doesn’t see any boundary,
Love is one which doesn’t see any geometry,
Love is something divine,
Love is way better than the oldest wine….

Love merges two souls to make one,
Love becomes life’s backbone,
Love is pristine,
Love is simply mine….

But today love is something else,
People think old definition of love is false,
Today it’s all come down to attraction,
I beg to differ to that notion….

Today love is about I,me,myself,
Wonder why have we become so concerned about self,
Love is measured with the spending done on the partner,
Not with the sacrifices made for the lover….

Love has become a fashion statement,
More like a brand endorsement,
Today there’s no place for feelings,
Its taken as one is abusing….

It’s sad that we have reached this state,
But its we who have brought this to our plate,
I hope old ways and days return,
Otherwise all that will be left is heartburn….

The Transition

A day comes where we all have to leave something behind,
That something may be of any kind,
We do that to start fresh,
So that we can move away from our own mess….

This happens because we make some mistake,
This happens because for us candle is more important than cake,
We always seem to remember all the bad things,
And never feel the need to appreciate the good deeds….

People say its human nature,
I say its plain immature,
I understand transition is necessary,
But we can make it all easy….

But we don’t because its about winning or losing,
Here also its all about gaining,
Our reaction to it is worse than anything,
But we are far away from accepting….

Transition is suppose to make things better for ourself,
But you don’t give that chance to yourself,
People please start valuing people,
Or a day will come where it will just be you in people….