My Friend

Few years back i met a guy,
I still don’t know why i said hi,
That very moment i felt we could tag along,
But never thought it would be for so long….

Initially i thought he was a sincere chap,
But later found that it was bloody crap,
He redefines the word stupidity,
At the same moment glorifies honesty….

He is an absolute maniac,
One who could give you an arrest in cardiac,
He is the laziest guy i have ever seen,
Still manages to stay clean….

He has a nag of impressing girls,
No idea what he does with there curls,
He is the master of messaging,
And then goes to the mobile operator agitating….

His dressing sense is weird to say the least,
His clothes can put beggars to ease,
He says he dresses for occasion,
To me his definition of occasion is still unknown….

His life is about eating,roaming and enjoying,
He has never let serious stuff sink in,
He is always late in everything,
Can’t understand what he keeps doing….

It gives me immense pain when things don’t go his way,
But he being himself its his way or the highway,
Every time when i say something he feels its a taunt,
But its an advice and i say take it he says he won’t….

Time spent with him has been fun,
And truly second to none,
I feel lucky to have him as my friend,
And hope this friendship never ends…..


7 comments on “My Friend

  1. sheetal says:

    Just awsumm yaar…it took me in flashback…Superb n superduperlike..:):):)

  2. tushar says:

    is this for aghori

  3. Vivek says:

    Good one. keep it up… his dressing sense suites me. I also dress for occasions only but still unknown….

  4. Swapnil Narlawar says:

    nice 1….4 whom did u write….dedicate it 2 him…he ll be v hapy…if its general it doesnt sound so…

  5. Sagar says:

    Ya tushar its for me. N pratik i must say u write very nice poem. U got creativity dude… keep it up… For the first time in my life someone has wrote a poem for me (Obviously in frnds , grlfrnds many 🙂 ) n it feels awesome yaar. Irrespective of watever it highlights about me… LOVE IT !
    Ur frndship ROCKS \m/

  6. Ashish Chaudhari says:

    Hey Pratik, Dost ki burai kar raha hai kya….?

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