Beautiful Face

She was in my college,
She had the most interesting face in my knowledge,
She seemed like a pearl,
But not an empty urn….

You don’t get to see faces like this very often,
Because faces like her’s are very uncommon,
The beauty of her face lies in the structure,
No architect can design such architecture….

Her face was handcrafted by god himself ,
I don’t think she realizes this herself,
Her facial beauty can be compared to Taj,
Only contest where the loser is Taj….

Her face tells thousand stories,
Just by looking at her you forget your worries,
She says she is same in and out,
But nobody is that sorted out….

I can write a lot,
But you should make assumptions in a small lot,
I hope someday i will not need imagination,
Because assumption would turn into realization…


7 comments on “Beautiful Face

  1. sheetal says:

    nice 1 :)…who is she haa?? 😛

  2. Sonia says:

    truely awesome…. !!!!!

  3. Vivek says:

    This is what I call superb. Dude don’t hope so because your imagination is really very beautiful.

  4. sayli says:

    cool……i dint know dat u r sooooo creative…(especially the beauty one!!))!!!…but really well done…n keep it up!….

  5. amit yadav says:

    hey dude ausum hai yar!!!!!!!!

  6. amit yadav says:

    ausum dude

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