Unknown Girl

She is very different unlike others,
She is precious like oscars,
She is both confused and sorted,
She is both warned and wanted….

I find it very strange for a person to be like this,
Bt you can’t give this a miss,
The more you talk to her the more curious you are ,
The lesser you know her the better you are….

Its not that something is wrong with her,
Its just that everybody can’t understand her,
Its not her fault,
But people feel she should be kept in a vault….

At the end i would say,
She is the person to have for the long way,
It was a pleasure and honour knowing her,
Without actually knowing her….


12 comments on “Unknown Girl

  1. sheetal says:

    wow…nice yaar..really beautiful 🙂

  2. shradha says:

    superb yaar……….

  3. priyanka says:

    grt yaar!!

  4. sampada says:

    gud one…..

  5. akanksha says:

    reallly nice..appreciable…keep it up!!!

  6. shradha says:

    nice yaar…..

  7. Vivek says:

    I am confused, unknown girl or mad poet? hahahaha. nice one dude..

  8. rinky says:


  9. shikha says:

    sweet 1

  10. goswamiharsh says:

    very gud……..its a fab one……

  11. Arjit Agarwal says:

    Nice Pratik

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