Today’s Man

Human behaviour, what is it about,
Why is it difficult to imagine a life without,
What exactly is it that makes it so interesting,
Why is it even worth noticing….

Human being is the most intelligent species ever,
Some people have been questioning that claim forever,
What is that has become of us,
That we can’t trust one of us….

Why is it difficult for people to behave normal,
Has the world turned us into something abnormal,
Or is it our soul that went dark,
If that’s the case then we all are heading for a end that is stark….

How did we become so morally low,
Is it the changing world or we going for the glow,
Have we become so impatient,
That we forget the importance of being patient….

Today we believe lying is in,
Deceit is the new thing,
Being honest is a mistake made by a fool,
But we for sure want to be cool,

It hurts me a lot,
That our mind has a clot,
We celebrate its existence,
I never knew we would long for its persistence….

I believe and so say,
It should not stay this way,
It won’t lead us anywhere,
It will destroy us from everywhere….


6 comments on “Today’s Man

  1. sheetal says:

    So thoughtful..:)

  2. priyanka says:

    2 gud yaar!!! 🙂

  3. Shashank says:


  4. Isha says:

    Really thought provoking !!! 🙂

  5. Vivek says:

    truly nice. If human won’t behave like this then they won’t be called the human being.

  6. Abhay says:

    Awesome ……………………..too good

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