My Friend

Few years back i met a guy,
I still don’t know why i said hi,
That very moment i felt we could tag along,
But never thought it would be for so long….

Initially i thought he was a sincere chap,
But later found that it was bloody crap,
He redefines the word stupidity,
At the same moment glorifies honesty….

He is an absolute maniac,
One who could give you an arrest in cardiac,
He is the laziest guy i have ever seen,
Still manages to stay clean….

He has a nag of impressing girls,
No idea what he does with there curls,
He is the master of messaging,
And then goes to the mobile operator agitating….

His dressing sense is weird to say the least,
His clothes can put beggars to ease,
He says he dresses for occasion,
To me his definition of occasion is still unknown….

His life is about eating,roaming and enjoying,
He has never let serious stuff sink in,
He is always late in everything,
Can’t understand what he keeps doing….

It gives me immense pain when things don’t go his way,
But he being himself its his way or the highway,
Every time when i say something he feels its a taunt,
But its an advice and i say take it he says he won’t….

Time spent with him has been fun,
And truly second to none,
I feel lucky to have him as my friend,
And hope this friendship never ends…..

Beautiful Face

She was in my college,
She had the most interesting face in my knowledge,
She seemed like a pearl,
But not an empty urn….

You don’t get to see faces like this very often,
Because faces like her’s are very uncommon,
The beauty of her face lies in the structure,
No architect can design such architecture….

Her face was handcrafted by god himself ,
I don’t think she realizes this herself,
Her facial beauty can be compared to Taj,
Only contest where the loser is Taj….

Her face tells thousand stories,
Just by looking at her you forget your worries,
She says she is same in and out,
But nobody is that sorted out….

I can write a lot,
But you should make assumptions in a small lot,
I hope someday i will not need imagination,
Because assumption would turn into realization…


Everyday i see a lot of people,
But today was something special,
Because i saw a girl who was the heart of the group,
Now was not even in the loop….

I don’t know what happened,
No clue about what transformed,
A probable life long friendship,
Turned into a short term partnership….

It was very strange to see her alone,
Because you can’t imagine her being lone.
Earlier she is used to be all smiles,
But now its all smiles of earlier….

She shows it happens and has moved on,
But she knows her reason is not on,
Still she tries to bring life to normalcy,
By being with people of uncertainty….

She strongly believes in her decision,
That are made with a surgeons precision,
She says she doesn’t regret it,
Bt i’m sure she isn’t proud of it….

I failed to explain her of,
That its not about regretting or being proud of,
Its about putting aside your issues,
And again joining friendship tissues…..

Few days passed and i was corrected,
Nature showed me the real person in her friend,
Her friend didn’t deserve her friendship,
Because her friend was a piece of shit….

Her friend was self centred n selfish,
I wonder how did i gave it a miss,
Turned out she was a great actor,
More important a master manipulator….

I misunderstood my friend,
Mistakes are made by men,
I felt she was guilty for this,
Bt she was trying to clean the mess….

My friend is a god’s child,
Because she saw something that nobody else could,
She realized it wasn’t worth putting the effort,
Since it wasn’t ever going to provide her the friend’s comfort….

Friendship is the most beautiful gift of god,
It shouldn’t be wasted by being an odd,
It has to be pure and sound,
It has to be worth the count….

Today’s Man

Human behaviour, what is it about,
Why is it difficult to imagine a life without,
What exactly is it that makes it so interesting,
Why is it even worth noticing….

Human being is the most intelligent species ever,
Some people have been questioning that claim forever,
What is that has become of us,
That we can’t trust one of us….

Why is it difficult for people to behave normal,
Has the world turned us into something abnormal,
Or is it our soul that went dark,
If that’s the case then we all are heading for a end that is stark….

How did we become so morally low,
Is it the changing world or we going for the glow,
Have we become so impatient,
That we forget the importance of being patient….

Today we believe lying is in,
Deceit is the new thing,
Being honest is a mistake made by a fool,
But we for sure want to be cool,

It hurts me a lot,
That our mind has a clot,
We celebrate its existence,
I never knew we would long for its persistence….

I believe and so say,
It should not stay this way,
It won’t lead us anywhere,
It will destroy us from everywhere….

Unknown Girl

She is very different unlike others,
She is precious like oscars,
She is both confused and sorted,
She is both warned and wanted….

I find it very strange for a person to be like this,
Bt you can’t give this a miss,
The more you talk to her the more curious you are ,
The lesser you know her the better you are….

Its not that something is wrong with her,
Its just that everybody can’t understand her,
Its not her fault,
But people feel she should be kept in a vault….

At the end i would say,
She is the person to have for the long way,
It was a pleasure and honour knowing her,
Without actually knowing her….